Satellite TV Series

Enjoy Your Favorite Television Programming – Everywhere You Cruise
With its IP-enabled TV-Hub, user-friendly interface, and single-cable installation, TracVision TV series makes it easier than ever to enjoy your favourite television programming no matter where your seagoing adventures take you. This marine satellite television antenna not only provides access to satellite television services worldwide, it supports multiple receivers so everyone onboard can watch what they want.

Designed for an extended coverage area, this DVB-S2 compatible system is perfectly suited for boats heading offshore for short or long voyages.
Advanced Technology from the Leader in Marine Satellite TV
KVH, the leader in marine satellite television for 20 years, has integrated the latest advancements into the TracVision TV series, a versatile system that supports circular and linear Ku-band services worldwide:

TracVision TV-Hub, a sleek IP-enabled belowdecks unit with an easy user interface that provides system information from any Wi-Fi mobile device or computer
Exclusive RingFire™ antenna technology for stronger signals, wider geographic coverage, and better reception
Advanced inertial-based stabilized search for fast satellite acquisition
High-performance tracking with advanced algorithms for crystal-clear television picture in heavy seas


TracPhone V11-HTS

The High-Speed Revolution in Marine Communications

KVH’s 1-meter TracPhone® V11-HTS delivers blazing speeds as fast as 20 Mbps when you head out to sea. Now you can stream video and music, video chat, and browse the web just like you do at home and get expanded global coverage and superior reception, even in extreme weather thanks to its unique Ku/C-band design. This comprehensive SATCOM solution includes: 

  •  The most advanced managed global HTS network 
  •  The versatility of dual high-speed and unlimited use data channels 
  •  Flexible month-to-month airtime subscriptions

TracPhone V7-HTS

The Compact Marine VSAT Solution that Delivers Unlimited Data and Streaming Fast Speeds

Enjoy the Internet on the water the way you do at home. The TracPhone®V7-HTS delivers seamless global coverage with download/upload speeds as fast as 10 Mbps/3 Mbps. This award-winning 60 cm solution is faster than competing 60-85 cm Ku-band VSAT systems and enables you to stream HD content, video chat with friends and family, and more. TracPhone V7-HTS features: 

  • Global coverage via the No. 1 marine VSAT network
  • *Exclusive configuration and airtime plans deliver both a high-speed and a free unlimited use data channel
  • Commercial-grade design and unique proactive monitoring to help ensure maximum uptime and performance

Mobile Data & WiFi systems

Are you looking for a WiFi (wireless internet) or high-speed 4G/LTE solution for your boat?

Are you unhappy with your current wireless booster?

Are you a sailor who wants to check the weather before setting sail?

Are you wanting to check your emails, social media and to stay in touch with friends and family while roaming the world?

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